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What is Rising place?

Rising place is a brand apartment proudly delivered by Rising Trust. All apartments are within the vicinity of the closest stations and built in locations with good access to the center of the city. It is an attractive apartment series with high value that focuses on relaxing spaces of high quality from infrastructure to design, facilities, and security. Rising place also sells wholesale of its real estates to apartment distributors, and so the reliability of our quality is guaranteed by professionals of the real estate industry.

Good location, easy access

The apartments created by Rising place are all located in the center of the city or in the surrounding areas of the center of the city. They are all within the vicinity of the closest stations with easy access to the center of the city, allowing residents to move freely. Another characteristic is its constant selection of popular areas, districts drawing attention for redevelopment, and areas with potential for further development.

Strong infrastructure/ Refined design

Our apartments are strong with safe/ secure structural design and completed with a simple and stylish appearance. Entrances possess appearances of high quality as well as class and shared spaces have functional beauty. The relaxing as well as elegant private spaces provide an active while also comfortable urban life, and are styled so our customers can feel relief as well as comfort.

Comfortable facilities/ Safe security

Excellent facilities that emphasize on usability such as kitchens and bathrooms respond to the needs of people with preferences towards urban life. A 24-hour surveillance system that links with security companies has also been implemented, and so we protect as well as support the safety of residents with reliable high security that is essential for life in the city.

Follow-ups by the Rising Trust Group

The purpose of apartment management is not to purchase real estates, but to earn profit through having people enter the purchased properties. For this reason the owners of apartments have several responsible tasks such as searching for residents and maintenance of the property, which cannot be done easily. Rising Trust provides reliable support with its groups to solve these issues.

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Rising Place

  • What is Rising place?
  • Seminar information

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